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RFCONNEXT, Advancing High Speed Interconnect Ecosystem…™


We are experts in making Rigid PCB and Flex faster and wider band for use in current and future products. Our Patent Pending, Coax-like TEM Transmission Lines, can be embedded in Rigid PCB's or Flex, using the same photolithographic fabrication processes.


These Technologies  provide lower signal loss, and lower EMI and Minimize Crosstalk(FEXT,NEXT), in Single Ended(SE)  and Differential  Pair(DP) Signaling, for various applications.


PMTL(tm)  (Periodic Micro Transmission Lines)  is used for small form factor, such as die-to-die and die - to- package interconnects ,

PMacTL(tm), (Periodic Macro Transmission Lines) are used in larger form factors, such as Longer lines in PCB/Backplanes, and High Speed Flex Cables and Interconnects.  Products Up to 1m lengths  has been demonstrated on PCB and Flex.  PMacTL can be used to develop many Flex alternative to coax and twinax, and other wire cablings, with lower profile, %90 less of copper use, and flat formfactor, with 30% improvement in SI and PI (SIPI)


If your products are challenged by excessive loss, Crosstalk, and EMI, issues, we can help.