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RFCONNEXT, Advancing High Speed Interconnect Ecosystem…™

Two of greatest impediments in improving speed and bandwidth of connectivity in Copper based interconnects is the skin loss at low frequencies and dielectric loss in high frequencies. Our transmission line technologies significantly improve the Signal Speed and Bandwidth  of interconnects  on any  material used in the development of electronics  devices, at the wafer, device, package, PCB, systems, and external cabling.  

Our secret sauce is the way we design and fab High Speed FLex Cables by using our fundamental patent pending technologies including

PMTL™, Periodic Micro Transmission Lines, for small formfactors

PMacTL™, Periodic Macro Transmission Lines, for long formfactors

We have developed a family of High Speed Flex, of lengths from .5cm to 1m, at single strands or cable bundles, jumpers, and High Speed Serial Cabling. More often, as substitute for bulky coax and other extruded wire cabling.  We provide termination and connectors to your PCB as RF Breakout from SMT arrays.

Our EM-Engineered High Speed Flex Bundles can provide  4X the density of equivalent traditional Ganged Coax Connectors and Cable bundles, and combination of SE and DP signaling.  In fact, with our PMacTL on Flex sheets, we can give you breakout from any 2D SMT array on PCB to 3D fan-out RF coax interface you desire.  We can breakout any BGA foot print to RF-coax Connectors. For ATE Load Boards, and DUT interface, we can provide reconfigurable Pogo Array Break Out to another Pogo Array or VNA Port access for S-parameter calibration and reference plane setting.  Let us take a look at your test connectivity challenges. We can help you meet your test interface challenges. We want to be alternative to extruded coax.  Try us  .


Below are some sample photos, measured S-parameter, TDR, and Eye data for basic PMTL(tm)


PMTL Product Samples High Speed Flex, Probes, and Sockets

A 6” PMTL™ uFlex Cable with K connectors launchers

Insertion Loss Comparisons of 6” PMTL™ uFlex Cable
TDR verification of the A 6” PMTL™ uFlex Cable
10Gbps,  EYE Diagram for  6” samples of PMTL™ uFlex printed Cables
14Gbps,  EYE Diagram for  6” samples of PMTL™ uFlex printed Cables

10Gbps and 14Gbps ,  EYE Diagram for  10” samples of FR4 microstrip

22.5GHz, and 28GHz High Speed Eye Diagram for  6” PMTL™ uFlex samples

32GHz, and 40GHz High Speed Eye Diagram for a  6” PMTL™ uFlex sample