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RFCONNEXT, Advancing High Speed Interconnect Ecology…™

RFCONNEXT’s technologies can provide path ways to a more advanced high speed interconnect architecture in your system  and external cabling and interfaces.   This is achieved by  using the existing design, development, analysis  tools, and utilizing the existing manufacturing and fabrication processes while providing complementary and augmenting speed performance for your products by embedding   PMTL™ ,  PMacTL™, into your products to improve their SI PI, and RF interface.



Possible areas of application Includes:

Cables and Connectors

Electronic Packaging, Chip Level , Wafer Level, Die, Wire bonding

PCB’s Backplanes/Motherboard/Daughterboard/DDR DIMM, and XDR

Massive Parallel Serialization(MPS) (SERDES-ization)

Test and measurement,  Instrumentation, Socket

RF/Microwave , MMW (Millimeter Wave) Wireless Systems