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RFCONNEXT, Advancing High Speed Interconnect Ecosystem…™

 Printed, Coax-like Transmission Lines for PCB's  and High Speed Flex with 30% Less Signal Loss, and Low EMI

In predicting the direction of development in electronic industry, one thing is clear, the need for speed. The market for faster, more affordable, computation, communication, and networking require us to innovate beyond Multi Giga's. It's only a matter of time.

High Speed Transmission Lines are at the heart of these new 3D interconnect systems. These transmission lines provide means of wideband interconnectivity in new cables, and connector, PCB's, electronic packaging, test and measurements, and RF and Microwave and wireless systems.

The photos above show the Low loss characteristics of the PMTL(tm) technology compared to the traditional striplines. The 12"x10" test boards contains, a 36" length of PMTL and Striplines side by side. Results show that ultimately, PMTL(tm) line can provide at least 33% less loss than Stripline up to even millimeter wave regions, even on FR4 types of materials. .  PMTL will provide a means to go longer and wider.

Photos above shows microscopic scaled down version of PMTL micro flex that is used to interconnect in 3D Chip to Chips, Chips to package, for SiP, PiP, PoP, MCM, for full speed 3D packaging, thus providing a true TEM transmission line alternative to problematic Gold Wire and strip bonding, while reducing the need for precious metals by 90%, it also eliminate parasitic effects and EMI, and crosstalk in high speed packaging. Furthermore, The Samples shown in the photo perform DC-65Ghz and beyond...the first PMTL's photo show a bondle like blades of grass, while the second photo shows a comparison of dimensions to a typical wire bond.